Mario Kart 64 is really dissapointing and overrated.

Well, what do you want me to say? After the release of Super Mario Kart people was excited about getting a sequel, and guess what? Here they have it, but it's just not what people expected, I'm sorry Nintendo but this time you ruined it all. Well now the review:
Variety: Well, the truth is that it's a 4 players game, but that doesn't do much, really, this game is bad!:
Graphics: The graphics look terrible, the characters show almost no expresion!(and I said almost) and the tracks are fine, though they could have been better, also it's way too glitchy:
Sound: This one is pretty good in most tracks, but the game itself it's not good, only the sound may deserve a :
Gameplay: Some people say the gameplay is solid, and it is, but the game IS NOT FUN!:
Difficulty: Damn, they got a 10 in this one, the difficulty is monstrous, really in 150c it gets almost imposible, it has to be hard, but fun, not frustrating as this game:
Conclusion: This game is one of the most dissapoiting and overrated games I've ever playe, even overrated by me.
Thanks for reading.