Pretty good

User Rating: 9 | DiRT 2 X360
After playing the demo I wasn't all that excited, but when it came out I figured I would give it a try all the same. It turned out to be a really good game… it had all of the features that a good racing game should have. For example the damage that the car receives actually makes sense in this game. This damage done to the car then affects the vehicles performance depending upon the way which it is damaged. Another positive was that the graphics were really good and everything flowed quite well. I also liked the simplicity that came in tuning your car. Every action that can be done to your car is well explained and actually has an impact on the cars performance. The fault I found with the game is that, like most racing games, is very repetitive. Also there is no split screen mode, which if you don't have live can make the game boring. One of the best part of racing games is the customizing the decals and designs of cars, unfortunately in this game customization is limited at best. It essentially consists of changing the overall design and adding new race packages on to the car.