Fun game, beautiful graphics, worth the buy.

User Rating: 9 | DiRT 2 X360
Enjoyable game. The graphics are really good especially the lighting. No frame-rate issues, gives a good feel of speeding around the track. Like the mix of vehicles you get to race in.

Two things I found irritating.

First, playing online requires spectating for-freaking-ever because inevitably your 'best match' is going to be in progress and make you sit there forever waiting to get in on the action. Would have been nice to see a mode where you could just join in and race. If there is one, I missed it.

Second, the first time you fire the game up prepare for some forced education which you can't X out of. Cut scenes, explanations of this and that. Really annoying when you just want to get in the damn car and race. After the initial introduction though, it's just a couple of clicks to be racing.

Don't ignore the car setup screen, it seems to make all the difference from track to track as the cars/trucks are heavily effected by the environmental conditions.