Before Dirt 2, my favorite racing game was Dirt. Now Dirt 2 has taken its place! Its the best racing game ever!

User Rating: 9.5 | DiRT 2 X360
This game is just amazing! In dirt racing games, few have figured out that the little things make a huge difference in a game like this. Many other dirt style racing games lack the textures of what the ground should really look like, but not in dirt or dirt2. This really adds to the gaming experience, and makes you "feel" like your really on the track.

Besides the details, the physics, damage and overall feel of speed is just perfect.

On top of all that, its not just one specific genre of racing. You can do long baja style racing to tracked racing and rally racing. Dirt 2 gives you the best of all worlds when racing on... Dirt!

The advantages of dirt 2 over the original dirt are the graphics, better physics, better destruction, and more racing styles. This is game is a huge winner. On top of that there's actually real multi-player and a HUGE campaign mode.

If you like racing games, and have been disappointed by games like "Baja: Edge of Control" or "MX vs ATV unleashed", get the real deal: buy Dirt 2!