Almost the best rally game for the PC.

User Rating: 9 | DiRT 2 PC
huge fan of the Colin Mcrae games, sure 3 and 4 were nothing but small improvements, Colin 5 was great, Dirt 1 was a disaster do to the controls but had great graphics....roll on to DIRT 2.

and before i begin i want to say 1 things:

1)RIP Colin Mcrae, the nicest coolest man there was.

my specs: Windows7 Professional X64, ATi 5970, 4gig ram, i7 940 (3.0ghz) cpu, X-Fi Fatal1ty sound.

Graphics: the first thing that i thought was.....NOT ANOTHER ORANGE/YELLOW game!!!!! damn.
but then i realized we're talking rally, dirt, sand and stuff, so i came back to my senses and was ready to play.

the graphics seemed really close to GRID, i almost thought it's the same engine just slightly tweaked (actually fairly tweaked), nothing wrong with that because it does the job really well, and honestly it looks really good in DX9.0 mode, if your card can do DX11 (mine does), the graphics are quite epic.

the game is very well optimized and smooth even at the highest setting on a mid-range to High-range pc.

Sound: the cars have a tendency to sound too similar a times, the game contains some cool music tracks (Futureheads ftw!), the co-pilots voices are fine but i think the previous ones were a little better.

Gameplay: This is a rally/offroad game so prepare yourself for a lot of dust, dirt, sand, mud, and more, the good news is that tweaking the car is possible, pretty simple tweaks that actually make all the difference.

the introduction to the game makes you feel as part of the event, unfortunately everytime you finish a race you're "automatically" sent to your van which is a bit annoying.

and now i must say this... THIS GAME IS NOT "*RICHARD BURNS RALLY*", richard burns was and still is the best rally game on the PC (rip Richard Burns too, the good always die goddamit), sure graphics wise nowdays RBR ain't as good as Dirt2 , but the gameplay is hardcore while DIRT and the colin games are much more arcade'ish... so do not expect a realistic thing here.

nonetheless, DIRT2 is a blast to play.

Conclusion - this is as good if not better than GRID , the graphics are great, the music is nice, the gameplay is ace.

DIRT2 would've been a classic if it was as realistic as Richard Burns Rally but i'm sure there are people out there who aren't willing to spend more time tweaking the car than playing, so having a game like Dirt2 around can be a good thing.

The game is highly recommend.

thanks for reading my review :-)