Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Cheats For PS2

  1. Extra Ending

    Complete the game after having obtained three G Reports and you'll get a small extra ending after "The End".

    Contributed by: red soul 

  2. Event Viewer

    Complete the game and save. Now load this Clear Game data and you can choose to see the cut scenes. The more Memory Capsules you collected during game play, the more scenes you can see.

    Contributed by: red soul 

  3. Difficulty Unlock

    Code Effect
    Complete Normal or Hard Mode Extra Hard Mode

    Contributed by: Tokyo630 

  4. Unlocking Side Missions

    To unlock Side Missions in the extra feature, you must locate and destroy the White Capsules in the individual Extra Missions using an explosion from an explosive barrel nearby to destroy it. Each one will unlock a Side Mission that will be listed below the Extra Mission where you destroyed it. In the Side Missions, there are no memory capsules to destroy.

    Code Effect
    White Capsule in Mission 5: Deep Labyrinth, K-15 Boxemon
    White Capsule in Mission 18: Badlands, F-8 Chamber of Ghosts
    White Capsule in Mission 24: Contra Kalm, J-13 Missilebreaker Deathmatch
    White Capsule in Mission 37: Gatling Shower, I-14 Go With the Flow
    White Capsule in Mission 45: Stronghold Impervious, H-8 An Invitation to Illusion

    Contributed by: lifelessdummy 

  5. Unlocking Sound Gallery

    To unlock sound gallery in the extra feature, you must locate and destroy the Green Capsules in the individual Extra Missions using a materia shot to destroy it. Each one will unlock a different sound clip.

    Code Effect
    Green Capsule in Mission 2: Widow Missileer, I-6 The System
    Green Capsule in Mission 4: Vincent the Mage, C-12 Battlefields
    Green Capsule in Mission 7: Gatling in the Wastes, F-9 Events
    Green Capsule in Mission 17: Red and Blue, G-15 WRO
    Green Capsule in Mission 22: Shinra Manor Prime, H-5 Shinra
    Green Capsule in Mission 29: Trick Arc, L-7 Bosses
    Green Capsule in Mission 34: Sprial, D-5 Vincent
    Green Capsule in Mission 39: Brotherly Love, G-3 Tsviets
    Green Capsule in Mission 42: Two-Handed, K-6 Omega

    Contributed by: lifelessdummy 

  6. Unlocking Art Gallery

    To unlock the Art Gallery in the extra feature, you must locate and destroy the Red Capsules in the individual Extra Missions using a melee attack to destroy it. Each one will unlock a different art portraits.

    Code Effect
    Red Capsule in Mission 3: Wastelings, B-9 The WRO
    Red Capsule in Mission 8: Lord of the Jungle, J-7 Weapons
    Red Capsule in Mission 9: Cait Versus the World, J-6 Locations
    Red Capsule in Mission 12: Vincent the Destroyer, D-5 Event-Related
    Red Capsule in Mission 13: Rains of Gehenna, J-13 Monsters
    Red Capsule in Mission 14: Vincent the Grappler, J-11 Shinra
    Red Capsule in Mission 15: Red and Blue, G-12 WRO Headquarters
    Red Capsule in Mission 16: Stygian Sewers, K-4 Shinra Building
    Red Capsule in Mission 21: Cait Versus the Crimson, G-9 Deepground
    Red Capsule in Mission 23: Rampart Rubble, M-11 Deepground Soldiers
    Red Capsule in Mission 26: Cait Versus the Cerulean, H-5 Bosses
    Red Capsule in Mission 27: Vincent the Beast, H-5 Attack on Midgar
    Red Capsule in Mission 31: Cait Versus the Bull, capsule located on Azul's Tail Miscellaneous
    Red Capsule in Mission 32: Deepground Soldiers, K-6 Mako Reactor 0
    Red Capsule in Mission 33: Shieldbreaker, G-12/H-12 Final Chaotic
    Red Capsule in Mission 35: One-Handed, F-11 Vincent
    Red Capsule in Mission 40, M-10 Tsviets
    Red Capsule in Mission 43, K-8 Omega

    Contributed by: lifelessdummy 

  7. Hidden Items

    Below is a list of hidden items found in the game. They can be missed, and because of that you should try and get them on your first time through.

    Code Effect
    Chapter 3: After saving the kid, enter the door nearby and is against the inside wall. Toy Gun
    Chapter 6: Protect all 12 WRO members the length of the mission, and it'll appear near the end of the level. Guard N Barrel
    Chapter 8: When a WRO is hacking a door, pprotect them untill they are finished. Go under the door, and continue on to find it atop a ladder. G-Report 1
    Chapter 8: The first string of guards, blow up the barrel on the very right and one of the guards will drop it. S Adjuster
    Chapter 10: Found on the roof of a house which you drop down on, shortly after the midpoint of the stage G-Report 2
    Chapter 10: You'll come to a split in the path, one of which goes under a bridge, the case in the open is it. Blow Machine Gun
    Chapter 10: After Blow Machine Gun you'll soon come to a place with a crate on a ledge, shoot the barrel under it. Faerie L Barrel
    Chapter 10: Complete the kill 100 enemies mission, the last enemy will drop it. Golden Moogle Doll
    Chapter 10: Later in the level, you'll come to a puzzle which involves cardkeys, it is next to a gatling gun behind a gate. Bayonet Rifle
    Chapter 10: In the area of the cardkey puzzle at the end of the long string of gates in the tunnel is the Lucky S Barrel. Lucky S Barrel
    Chapter 11: Located in a room with several Mako Points in it, use the rising platform to jump onto a pipe running along the wall, it's in the corner. G Report 3
    Chapter 6 Ex Hard: Early in this stage a red duel horn beast will charge through the stage, kill it before it leaves the stage and it'll drop it. Manaheart

    Contributed by: CodeBreak 

  8. Unlock Mission Mode

    Code Effect
    Beat The Game Mission Mode

    Contributed by: Texticular 

  9. Unlocks Character Viewer and Trailers

    To unlock character viewer and trailers in the extra feature, you must locate and destroy the Yellow Capsules in the individual Extra Missions using a gunshot to destroy it. Each one will unlock something different.

    Code Effect
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 1: Zephyr Heathlands, G-11 The WRO
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 3: Wastelings, B-9 Tokyo Game Show Trailer
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 10: Misslebreaker Melee, I-7 DC Presentation Trailer
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 10: Misslebreaker Melee, G-10 Others (Other Character)
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 11: Collector's Mind, D-5 Monster
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 13: Rains of Gehenna, J-4 Jump Festa Trailer
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 20: Deep Tower, K-8 Shinra
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 22: Shinra Manor Prime, I-7 Retail Display Trailer
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 28: Cyclopean Causeway Bosses
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 30: 100,000 Needles, L-7 Deepground
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 36: Black Widow Tetra, I-5 Vincent
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 41: Drumline, J-2 Tsviets
    Yellow Capsule in Mission 44: Deepground, J-8 Omega

    Contributed by: lifelessdummy 

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