don't pay full price

how long have we all been waiting for this game to come out? It's finally here - and wow what a flash in the pan. I bought this game because for some reason I thought it was going to be a continuation of the Bad Company story ... unfortunately it wasn't. There was no humor in this game , at all. I did like the campaign story and characters .. but honestly - when is someone going to write a shooter game that isn't more or less the same friggin' story as the rest of them ?

the campaign for this game was short and easy. I played it through first try on hard and it was .. well .. not hard. Most of the shooters I have played have had at least one or two areas where you have to try over and over and over until you succeed - BF3 was a straight walk through with a few deaths. Kinda bummed on the campaign because the online multiplayer failed to impress - so I more of less paid top dollar game price for a short glitchy campaign and frustratingly flawed online. The campaign was riddled with graphic glitches - however Battlefield 3 looks amazing when it's not glitching out all over the place , and playing it could be a real pleasure. I really wish the campaign was longer though ... but we all know this game is all about the online ..

One major bummer that really gets me about this game is the invisible edges .. meaning that if you are hiding behind - oh say a car - and trying to shoot around it at the bad guys - your bullets will just hit the invisible edge of the car and go nowhere .. even though you have a totally clear line of sight on your enemy - you can't hit him . What is even more frustrating is that they can still hit you ? This happened to me A LOT during the campaign and happens while playing the online maps as well ... super gay.

which brings me to the online review ... if you have played the other battlefield games - well - nothing new here folks. The graphics have received an upgrade and you can actually make out objects and enemies far off in the distance now ... but the sad side effect of that is that far to many of the people who play this online are snipers that hide way off in the corners of the giant maps and shoot people from a half mile away. Nothing better than getting shot seconds after you spawn ... over and over again. This should be called CampingField3 of SniperField3 :) The spawning on the multiplayer is all over the place .. I've spawned directly behind enemies - and vice versa. There seems to be no way to tell if you are actually hitting someone with your bullets either - at least I can't tell. Also - sometimes it takes a whole clip of ammo to kill someone .. sometimes it takes one shot .. it seems to be completely random.

Final assessment ... a nice looking game with on par graphics , with a tragically short campaign that was not a challenge to beat even on hard , and although the graphics have been beefed up the online multiplayer still fails to make me want to play it. I dunno - having to run across a big field for thirty seconds trying to dodge cheap ass snipers just so I can get to the action doesn't come across as awesome to me for some reason. The amount of stuff on the screen - red and blue indicators everywhere you look - actually obscures the gameplay at times - and it's real good at hiding those oh so gallant snipers on the other end of the map.

As far as online FPS action goes I'm eagerly gonna play a few rounds of this while I wait for MW3 - not to take away from this game - but the amount of glitches I am encountering in BF3 ( especially playing online ) makes the game frustrating if not outright unplayable ... moonwalking , audio time outs , shooting dudes multiple times at point blank range only to have them turn around and kill me with one shot , the insane glares , frame drops ... all of it adds up to just to much to want to deal with. hopefully they come out with a big fat upgrade for this game .. I'd really like to play it more.. the levels are cool and the game looks good .. but it could play a lot better.