Diamond Dan and the Towers of Treasure Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Have three friends who played Diamond Dan on Steam. Save the Developer
    Trigger 10 traps without dying. Narrow Escape
    Trigger 100 traps without dying. Master Escape Artist
    Collect a total of 1.000.000 points. Gold Digger
    Trigger 50 traps without dying. Escape Artist
    Open a chest with a 5x multiplier. Chest Master
    Get all silver medals. Veteran Explorer
    Collect a total of 500.000 points. Pension Plan
    Rasht: Finish the level on medium without using any doors. No Shortcuts
    Get 50.000 points in one level. Master Treasure Hunter
    Get all gold medals. Master Explorer
    Zaheda: Trigger no traps and don't die. Light Footed
    Finish the last level on extreme. Extremist
    Naples with Ann: Survive three minutes with the map and get out alive. Die Already
    Open 50 chests. Chestised
    Get 25.000 points in one level. Treasure Hunter
    Puerto Montt: Finish the level within 40 seconds. Speedrunner
    Naples with Ann: Survive two minutes with the map and get out alive. Skilled Survivor
    Pick up a gem with a 5x multiplier. Show Off
    Get all bronze medals. Rookie Explorer
    Open 5 treasure chests without dying. Gold Rush
    Descend 5000 meters. Going Down
    Push 1000 blocks. Excersisist
    Resistencia: Finish the level without dying. Die Hard
    Finish the last level with Dan. Dantagonist
    Push 500 blocks. Working Out
    Stuttgart: Finish the level without collecting any treasure. What Treasure?
    Hang for 20 seconds. Super Hangman
    Fall for 20 meters. Skydiver
    Pick up 100 red gems. Ruby Tuesday
    Open 50 doors. Porter
    Open 25 chests. Nimble Fingers
    Collect 50 keys. Need a Keychain?
    Naples with Ann: Survive one minute with the map and get out alive. Lucky Survivor
    Get 10.000 points in one level. Loving that Gold
    Open 10 chests. Lock Picker
    Collect a total of 100.000 points. Livelihood
    Get all wooden medals. Junior Explorer
    Pick up 100 green gems. Jaded
    Unlock the Western Asia map. Globetrotter
    Hack 1000 blocks. Girl Power!
    Mosul with Dan: Finish the level without ever jumping. Down-To-Earth
    Open 25 doors. Doorman
    Pick up 100 white gems. Diamonds are Forever
    Find all pieces of the disc. Completing the Circle
    Open a chest with a 3x multiplier. Chest Nut
    Amsterdam: Finish the level without pushing or using your pickaxe. Break No Sweat
    Open 10 doors. Bouncer
    Finish the last level with Ann. Anntagonist
    Pick up 100 yellow gems. Amber Alert
    Hack 500 blocks. Skulptor
    Destroy a spike trap right after triggering it. Preemptive Strike
    Hack 100 blocks. Just a Hack
    Reach 5x multiplier. High Five
    Hang for 10 seconds. Hangman
    Reach 4x multiplier. Four Get It
    Unlock the Europe map. Backpacker
    Die within two seconds. Unlucky
    Reach 3x multiplier. Triple X
    Pick up a gem with a 3x multiplier. Three Times is a Charm
    Push 100 blocks. Morning Gym
    Die after collecting the map or disc piece. Almost There
    Push blocks in all directions. Pushover
    Pick up 100 blue gems. Having the Blues
    Reach 2x multiplier. Double Jeopardy

    Contributed by: Guard Master