Diabolik Lovers Cheats For PSP

  1. The rest of the Sakamaki Brothers

    In order to unlock Reiji, Shu, and Subaru's route, you must complete Ayato, Kanato or Laito's route to the end .

    Contributed by: Reiji_Sakamaki 

  2. In order to unlock Heaven Scenarios

    You must choose the correct two words (highlighted in blue) at the chapters 7-10 of each story. Ex. Dark, Maniac, Ecstasy. Doing so will unlock that story for the character located in the special section.

    Contributed by: Reiji_Sakamaki 

  3. Endings

    Code Effect
    Can be obtained by maxing out love meter and S options. Normal
    Have the character's love meter maxed out along with having the M option meter maxed out too Good
    Pick a mixture of both S and M options, in 7-10 situations. Bad

    Contributed by: Reiji_Sakamaki