I think I am lucky

User Rating: 8.5 | Diablo III PC
I read a lot of these reviews and people are bashing this game hard. "watered down" "to easy" "been there done that" That sucks for you guys, but I am really digging this game. I was a fan of games like Baulder's Gate and Champions of Norrath back in there time. I always wanted more of that genre but never had a computer that was for gaming. I missed out on Diablo 1 and 2. Some might think that is a curse, but to me it is a blessing. I have nothing to compare this game to, I have no nostalgia I am trying to rekindle. Just a fresh well polished game in the genre I like. I think if you are in the same boat, then you will enjoy this game. Also People saying that it is to easy are just being mad. There are multiple difficulty modes to play through, and not a single person on this board has gotten through the hardest mode yet so they can't really talk.