The Developer fall Angry Fan-boy rise......

User Rating: 5.5 | Diablo III PC
It's very hard to express out loud that how disappoint I have for the trend that Diablo3 gone so far.... So, I have to excuse all of reader who read my review here, I can't write such a good review on this, only expression of my feeling to my beloved series that developed by wrong hand......

1. Diablo 3 have a solid storyline.
2. Fast pace of gameplay.
3. Good sound effect and music.
4. Good challenge of gameplay (I can feel the terror in Hell mode ^^ even I still start in normal mode)
5. New Craft system make a lot more interesting.

1. DRM, I still curse the way of thinking of using DRM it's uncreative and no-imagination at all....
2. In term of single player I think this Diablo3 is pass but in term of good MMORPG or online game I have to say, you guys not make it...... so fail in term of design.
I'm the one who think that if I spend my real money on any license copy of game, I need something that I can keep it in my harddisk and can play it sometime in offline mode and even the world's internet crash I still can appreciate it in offline mode.... This is too serious for me for such a good game I love especially for Diablo series......
3. Too much greed behind the design and plan for diablo3, I can feel it..... You guys not want to make and epic game and epic finale episode for such a master piece of game, You guys make me feel that you guys make some money maker tool by carrying The flag of Diablo's series.... That make me sad to see the way of thinking of young blood and new developer.
4. Server: 15052012 "It's hard to verdict this topic, Since the first day of launch you guys fall badly with server problem. So far, I play in Asia server and found that even I live in Asia and choose Asia serv it still have high ping not sure because of a ton of user or not or because your serv are not good enough at the moment. So I will give you time..... (My connection are good, I have aournd 0-50 ping for other game that play in Asia server.)"
17052012 "Ok, it's time to execute one more unforgivable issue, I will minus -2.0 score from 7.5 = 5.5 since I experience a lot of error 12, 33, 37 and all of my patient come to limit.....
5. Theme and graphic design: I think you guys come in wrong way. I need more dark feeling and tone that's all......

So, My final verdict are:
1. If you are fan-boy of Diablo series, You should play it, at least for the good sake of story behind it.....
2. If you are looking for MMORPG or online game to play, maybe you can pass on this one
3. If you cannot find the answer for yourself that why you have to always online and no offline patch to play in offline at all... so don't play this game. This is 100% online game by now. (We have to pay to buy this online game as well)

I still give 7.5 score on this -2.5 to developer for ignorance of the voice of player. ( "if you don't like our change don't buy this game" Oh Yeah...)
7.5-2.0 = 5.5