The Best game in the last decade

User Rating: 10 | Diablo III PC
I'm currently in Hell Mode. Playing in Asia server. It gets better and better. To those old school Diablo 2 fans welcome back you are in for a treat. None stop action, the first few acts in normal are easy. At Nightmare Act 2, it gets harder. When I meant harder I meant prepare to die a lot. Act 3 its even more crazier. I can just imagine how difficult hardcore mode will be,

If you are looking for a challenging game. Then Diablo 3 is right for you. It is super fun with lots of hidden treasures and surprises. I don't want to spoil all the goodies because I have seen the majority of them, including COW LVL. OMG, cow lvl is beautiful and I will leave it at that. Prepare to be surprised.

Yes there are a few bugs and glitches, Blizzard has done a good job fixing the majority of them. Just be patient. There are well over 2 million online. And Yes its crazy!

The game itself is expensive $60! But it is worth every penny. I wouldn't be surprised if Diablo 3 gets review ratings of "10" from other gaming websites.

The game is a beauty! Sound effects are awesome. 10/10