That great old feeling.

User Rating: 9 | Diablo III X360

Playing this game is like taking a step back to the first Diablo on my PC. this game has a good storyline, good cut scenes, but beyond that, this game remains the simple slice ad dice game I played and loved!

I will not compare it to other versions (like the PC), this game is the top shelf entertainment a gamer (well, most gamers) love on a console, to go out and slaughters the minions of evil!

This game does not disappoint!

Even after getting through act one at least 6 times (5 chars and one hardcore), some levels still surprised! on the hardcore, level 3 of the cathedral showed me a section of the level that the previous 5 times had not showed me. to get this fresh a look on a game like this only proves the value of replaying the game and the wonders of surprise while playing it.

With one character I am now on Hell mode. Let me warn you, after Nightmare the stakes go up! So what you consider might be a flimsy walk at act 1, is likely to become the fight of you life!

Knowing this only makes me strife for the surprises Inferno holds (when i get there). In both short term and long term, Blizzard shows that the Diablo universe is nowhere near done. If there is one limit, then it would be the maximum save characters. I hope for more characters down the road (like the Necromancer and the Paladin), but I do know that having a generic and a hardcore character would not be an option if the limit of 10 remains.

It is a small limit, but an important one considering the long term joy this game has for all players and characters alike. Knowing that this game is making it to nextgen is the best news you can imagine! Whether you go for Xb1 or PS4 will not matter. This game will satisfy all who love the challenge of demonic slice and dice!