Terrible game. Disappointed in Blizzard.

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#51 Posted by jakesnakeel (147 posts) -

I agree that the game is disappointing and the DRM is the worst thing I've ever seen.  Probably my last Blizzard game.  Game play is just way to Zynga for me and I can't tolerate being beholden to their server status to play the game.  Only kudos I can give to Blizzard is they did just issue me a full refund.   They could have kept my money and told me to bug off, but they did the right thing. 

#52 Posted by rod_zero (3 posts) -
I wonder if people has noticed you can still customize your skills through gear affixes. Yeah, its that simple: instead of point each level you choose gear based on the skills you want to buff, also add gems.
#53 Posted by sumdood (482 posts) -

This is what happens when you try to make a sequel to an over decade old classic game.  It will never be good enough in some people's minds, because nostalgia sets in and they relate their time with Diablo2 with other moments in their childhood and Diablo3 can't bring them back to that so whiners throw a tantrum.

Diablo2 released to luke-warm reviews, for many of the same reasons that people are complaining about Diablo3 now.  It wasn't until 2, 5, 10 years later when Diablo2 was still breaking peoples mouses and keeping them up late at night that it waws realized as a worthy successor to Diablo1.  It didn't blow anybody's socks off the first time they played it, but you could keep coming back to it years later and still enjoy it.

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Diablo 3 is extremely fun. I've had a great time playing in the past week.


However, it won't last. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there just isn't the motivation to keep going. As I progress through Inferno, I feel like I'm simply progressing toward the end of the game, rather than beating the game for the sake of being able to farm gear constantly. To me, there really just doesn't feel like there's any reason to play beyond beating the game. I don't know what it is that Diablo 2 had that made me play it for so long, but whatever it is it's simply not in Diablo 3.

One problem is definitely leveling. In Diablo 2, beyond just farming, I had the motivation to keep going because I always needed experience. I got quite a few characters into the low 90s, but I never once got a level 99. In Diablo 3, though, you've hit 60 before you know it, which just puts everyone on the same playing field with the ridiculously boring gear that they have.

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[QUOTE="Sentinel112"][QUOTE="Croag821"]I'm having a blast with the game. It's the best hack n slash RPG game I've played in a long time and I find it very addictive.Croag821

Correction. Diablo 3 is a hack&slash action game.

Lets see I assume a role, gain levels, get loot, craft, learn skills, customize my build...yep I think that makes it an RPG.

I will agree it is an aciton RPG but saying this is just an action game is silly and makes think you're a bitter Diablo 1 and 2 player who is mad he doesn't get allocate stat points :D

Team Fortress 2 is a RPG by your logic. Assume a role, check. Get loot, check. craft, check. learn skills, check. customize my build, check. It's a hack and slash action game or dungeon crawler, take your pick. The game isn't a RPG, end of story.
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If you just have to have this game? Then go ahead and purchase Diablo III. However, after reading the official Blizzard forum, be warned hacking is running rampant and getting kicked off is a regular happening. I played Diable 1 and 2 and enjoyed them throughly. Yet, I could see this online requirement for D3 coming long before it was announced. I also would bet anyone a dollar to donuts in the future you are going to be required to pay to play. It's going to happen. Bet on it! It's what Blizzard does. I spared myself all these problems I won't buy the game. When it comes time I have to have a game to cope with my gaming fix. Then I need to reevaluate my life's priorities. Gaming is supposed to fun. Not a necessity. Read the forum at Blizzard. If Hacking happens more than once the sight is not secure. Too much angst to play D3 for my liking. I'm sure the game is good, but the hassle is not worth the experience.

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1. The skill trees in D2 were awful. If you think about it the abilities were not so great and you really didn't get to try out most of them, let alone use them. Plus you could only reset the tree once per difficulty. If you say the skills are simplified you're wrong... you really have to chose them so they can mix with the stats you chose to have, the fights you're about to have, the passives, etc. You really haven't played much have you?    

2. Whatever... play with friends if you want party customization. Also, after you leave a Public Game the players you played with will be added in your friends list. If you liked playing with them, talk to them. 

3. To be able to use 6 skills is more than enough.  You're not playing WoW.  

4. And the game not being addictive is a bad thing because??