Should anyone be uncertain as to whether or not you PC will run this game...

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Just go to this site. Type in Diablo III on the search bar, or click Diablo III on the right side of the screen.

And let the site analyze your PC, I think it requires Java to run. You should have that already, hopefully.

It will tell you approximately if you can run it or not. It will list your PCs specs and it will list minimum/recommended specs for the game.

It's quick and easy, so you don't have to guess.

Also, if you want to see where your hardware stands go to It has a list of all high, mid and low ranged cpus, gpus and hard-drives.


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Also if your computer was medium/low-high end in 2007, rest assured, you can run this.

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That's actually incorrect q-bert.

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I guarantee you a q6600 and a 8800gt/ultra would **** on this game.

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You can't always count on systemrequirementslab to tell you if you can run it or not so dont let it stop you. I've had computers run games that failed the test but did manage to run. That said they didn't run well but atleast I could play :P.
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Also if your computer was medium/low-high end in 2007, rest assured, you can run this.

Don't you ever get sick of trolling, you are in like every thread. WE GET IT you don't like the game, shut up.
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That website is awful.

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for anyone curious as to whether it will run on an Intel HD Graphics card (specifically 3000) the answer is yes. Made sure the card was updated, game runs and looks great.

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i can tell you this for sure a HD6450 can run diablo 3 very good and the card is really cheap :)

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As long as you have a fairly decent 4-year old computer, you should be able to run Diablo 3 on low/mid settings