Save game online or on the PC?

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Hey guys, 

I'm really interested in this game and want to buy it in a month, right after my exams have ended. I am planning on buying a new laptop in the holidays. 

So i wanted to know whether this game stores the savegame on your PC, or on an online account (i figured this would be possible because of the constant internet acces requirement)? 

If its stored online i might as well buy it right after my exams, but if stored on the PC then i think i should wait a little longer untill I have got a new laptop. 

Or is the savefile easily transefered via an USB stick? 


Anyways, your help will be appreciated. 

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all characters and "saves" are online

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Diablo 3 will run as an online game, and can't be played offline. So your 'save files' will be online :)
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Thats great. That would mean i can start playing on my old laptop and continue with my game on the new one once i got it. 

Thanks for the quick replies!

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It's the exact same system as an MMO.