Relative Value of Angelic Wings Item

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I want angelic wings. I don't have the collector's edition. Is it better to bid for them sooner or later?

Tell me if I'm missing something, but I see it like this: bid sooner. *IF* the only way to get one is the collector's edition, then I would think that the auction house would have the biggest supply of them early on, putting prices at their lowest. My theory is that as time goes and angelic wings get deleted, lost, etc..., and not replenished, their value would go up.

Or maybe I'm missing how this works. Enlighten me.

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The only way to obtain angel wings is by purchasing Collector's Edition. They will not be tradeble via AH or directly from person to person. You cannot get rid of them completely too, because every new character created will have a set of angel wings, which you will be able to toggle on or off.

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Wasn't gonna spend all that money anyway if all i wanted was the angelic wings.