my account got hacked or banned or anything. please help

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hei friend. I need some help about my account. I played diablo 3 and starcraft 2. yesterday I played diablo 3 with my account I played for couple hours and then stop. when I want to go back to play diablo 3, error number 3 pops up in the menu, say that my account information was incorrect. then i go to diablo 3 web and my account cannot be opened from there.

after that I check phone and I got two email from blizzard. first email said that blizzard receive a request for password recovery. the second email said that blizzard receive a request about changing my email address from to r*** I did not approve any of this. I try everything from account recovery, etc and it doesn't even do anything. I recently submit an email to blizzard regarding my problem and until now I did not receive any reply.

please anybody help me. I bought diablo 3 and starcraft 2 recently and I used my only account for this two game. please somebody help me.

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Your account got hacked, it happened to a lot of people. Just call Blizzard directly to get it taken care of, they will ask for the first 6 digits of your Diablo3 CD key. Then seriously consider getting the free authenticator for smart phone or IPad to protect yourself from this type of issue in the future.

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yeah this happened to me too, recently. Calling up blizzard is a b itch though. Their wait Q is always full.