it is an ok game

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D3 in my opinion is an ok game nothing special. The RPG elements are weak: you cannot choose the ability?are given when you reach a certain level (I miss the good old skill point), for example.

Pay gold coin to have space I my loot chest? That is weak

Just sharing my opinion

Back to Diablo 2

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Simply put, it's boring, and therefore disappointing as hell.
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It is an empty shell of Diablo 2

No skill trees, attributes and the points

12 years for this and I need a internet connection to play the single player INACETTABLE

I?m happy I had very low expectations for this game.

I can even move the camera angle or zoom

Sacred 2?I?m going to finish again sacred 2

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This game blow I wouldnt even play it for free, a real disgrace for blizzard, too bad I bought the box version I couldnt get a refund.

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Find some freinds to play it with. Im only up to  lvl 5 and i loved it. Played D2 alot aswell

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first playtrough is fun. but after that its just a grind fest for gold that you NEED to spend on the auction house for you to progress. it gets boring.