Is it true diablo 3 won't work unless your running legit windows?

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Hey guys. I just recently bought a new pc after my old one died, and have ordered this game, so hit me up if u wanna play. ok so the question, is it true D3 requires legit windows to run? If so it's the first step, that and the online drm requirement, for the PC platform to get some decent games again. Ever since Crysis PC gaming went downhill and I feel it's mostly down to piracy, if they can somehow stop a majority of the piracy perhaps we'll get some triple a quality exsclusives again. I hope...
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If botware is found then your d3 account will be banned.
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Ahh nice. I mean it sounds harsh, but tbh, it's only harsh beacause Blizzard are the only ones that do it. if all games did it, it'd be normal, and PC would get some nice exsclusives again.