Is crafting broken?

#1 Posted by djball (354 posts) -

I'm at lvl 46, and have dumped a fortune is blacksmith training yet every single item is useless compared to loot. What am I doing wrong?

#2 Posted by Xxthesorrow90xX (604 posts) -

I believe theres actual recipes that give pretty good crafting loot. 

#3 Posted by crognalsen (30 posts) -

I've made a few good things here and there.  I notice the actual armor value and weapon dps is a fair amount higher after crafting the item.  For instance I clicked on the 1 hand xboxs that were 20 dps, but when I crafted them they were actually 25.6 dps plus shock and poison damage.  The stats are random though so it kind of sucks in that sense.