Help me understand why this game is "good"

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A solid 72 hours after i bought this game i beat it and i feel confident that i have milked from the game all the content that it will provide me after that single playthrough. I played on hard and ventured out expecting a much better game than what was presented to me.

The only reason to keep playing this game after it has been beaten on the initial playthrough is for a few and very shallow reasons. One, to obtain level 60 for no other reason than to brag to your friends the countless times you have played through the game over and over again listening to the same driveling voice acting and exposing yourself to the same unfinished (and frankly cheesy) story. Two, to hunt for the best gear possible for your character by doing #1 in a way that defies chronological order and gives you the satisfaction of blazing through this incredibly easy game even faster than you could have before!. Three, to obtain trophies so you can look down on gamers who do not also have Stockholm syndrome and not understand the ways of hardcore (that is green and black) gaming.

None of these are good enough reasons to keep me interested in Diablo. The game is a disappointment and frankly insulting to anyone who ever at one time enjoyed a previous game in the series. The reasons i listed above which are the ONLY reasons to keep playing this game after beating it are simply not enough to keep anyone over the *mental* age of 20 around long enough, unless i am horribly mistaken and this game was marketed at the audience ranges of 10-15 years old. I unfortunately have bills to pay and have a lot of important things in my life that i quite literally neglect in order to enjoy video gaming and this game has shown me that it's time to stop as it is a reflection of the industry itself. Thank you Diablo you have shown me how to become a better person and have given me the first step in abandoning many years of addiction to video games.

Please leave thoughts below.

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This is the dumbest post I've ever read.

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@SexyPorkins said:

This is the dumbest post I've ever read.

Nope you just beat him.

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@revanche: You are over thinking it. Video games are just another form of entertainment to enjoy when the day's work is done. If you are finding yourself wanting to "reach for the bottle" to get your fix instead of meeting your responsibilities, then you do in fact have an addiction problem. Diablo 3 is a fun game, slaying demons and anticipating that next legendary drop. If its not fun for you anymore, then sell or trade it in for another.

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Diablo III like me very much :)

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Dungeons Crawlers aren't for everyone. I like Diablo III but it is in some serious need of DLC.