Guest Pass Please

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Dear All,

If anyone has a guest pass that they would like to send my way, it would be much appreciated. My laptop is right on the edge on the minimum requirements and I would like to get a feel for how well it will run before I buy, Feel free to PM me, thanks!

#2 Posted by GortJester (7 posts) -

Here... enjoy... VPM6PZ-44MC-TC7NKP-XCXF-GXN777

#3 Posted by aballer919395 (35 posts) -

Awesome, thanks a lot man!

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No problem, post how it goes with your PC... hope you can enjoy the full game as well...

#5 Posted by joshuahaveron (2163 posts) -

I am in dire need of a guest pass, if anyone has a spare I would appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi Man, do you have more one guest pass? I want to play the starter edition to test teh game on my pc, i already bought this game, but only in june 15 i will receive that, so sad =(. Thanks in advance!