Graphics card upgrade from Geforce 6200 for Diablo 3

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Hi guys, I have a Geforce 6200 and want to play Diablo III with all the graphics settings turned on. I forgot what my monitor is but it is less than 1920. What kind of graphics card do I need to turn on all the settings? Do I need one of the expensive fast ones here Top Ten Graphics Cards for Diablo 3?
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I'm running a EVGA GTX 560TI GeFrorce and it runs all on max settings. I can play all games with Max settings but then again it's not just the videocard. I've got 8 gigs of Ram and a 3.3 mhz processor. But the video card cost me 200$ at the store I got it at. Look around it's a great card and not over priced.

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Thanks Bigbomber, I was hoping I didn't have spent a ton to run at max settings. You think something even cheaper like a 550 ti or Radeon 6870 which I saw on sale recently could run at or near max settings?
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No, its just the video card. Your ram and 3.3ghz processor means nothing. This game can be maxed with an old core 2 duo and only needs enough ram to run the game (<1gig). Video card is everything, but its not like this game has high requirements. This game could be maxed by my old 2007 PC with an 8800 ultra and a q6600 core 2 quad.

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q-bert, what is the cheapest video card I could get and still run at max settings for Diablo III?
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6870 will run it in on max.
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Probably the 8800gt is the cheapest video card that would max diablo 3 but honestly I am not sure. Thats cards probably like less than $50 now I would imagine.

A word of advice. Its better to spend a little extra money and get something that will last you a while. I recommend something in the geforce 500 series or above. The 550 series seems like a pretty good value. The 560ti is quite a bit better still and will give you great performance in modern games. Anything faster than that is not worth it unless you are planning on a cpu and ram upgrade as well.

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Thanks for all the advice guys.
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Went ahead and bought a Radeon 7750 as suggested here because my computer is a Dell and the power supply does not handle faster cards.
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I tried Beta with an Nvidia GTX 270 ran like an dream. Its Blizzard basicly RAM is the only thing you have to barely think about

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I don't trust GeForce anymore after using this GTX 260. I bought it long before I needed a gaming machine. And the past 6 months has been terrible. I wouldn't trust anything Nvidia at this point. Radeon all the way.

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How about a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M?
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Personally I think you would be best suited with a 550ti card. The 1gb or 2gb should do you just fine. I got my 2gb that I ran until I got my current video card off of newegg for about $115 after rebate. Great deal considering I was running Battlefield 3 at a mix between high and ultra with it. Probably the best bang for the buck if you can find a nice deal.
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How about a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M? MickeyTheNinja
I like your sense of humour.
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[QUOTE="MickeyTheNinja"]How about a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M? davek1979
I like your sense of humour.

Not using a sense of humor. I was asking a damn question.
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[QUOTE="davek1979"][QUOTE="MickeyTheNinja"]How about a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M? MickeyTheNinja
I like your sense of humour.

Not using a sense of humor. I was asking a damn question.

By asking this kind of a damn question you showed a sense of humour I like. :-) 9400M will not get you anywhere these days. Add a few more bucks and get at least a 260 or something.
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ATI Radeon HD 6870


nVidia Geforce GTX 560 (non ti)

Are the two best graphic cards price/ratio. You won't get a better deal for you money. Personnaly i'd go 6870.

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I agree with the 560Ti, heard many good things about that one. On the other hand, I'm still on my GTX275 and 60fps maxed out at 1080p
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i got my computer in 08 and i still run every game on max so you don't need to upgrade much