Experiencing Lag

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Hey everyone,

So ive been playing on the Mac, and so far at least when i started the game i experienced little to no lag at all.  Especially when im in tristram, i dont have issues with lagging.  But recently after the spider cave and onward i have been expereincing very extreme amounts of lag... slowing down the game and making it hard to combat.

Now I know that the game has gone completely online now and there is no way to play it "offline" which I really don't like, because if connectivity issues slow down the game then it is going to make it really bothersome for me to play.  I am currently playing with an average latency of ~160 reaching up to almost 250.  Is there anything I can do to minimize this? Very unenjoyable.

Thanks for all the feedback

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Crappy servers at blizzard are overloaded, try changing the dns. http://www.plus.net/support/software/dns/changing_dns_mac.shtml
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Its the servers, I play WoW with 40ms, Diablo with 250ms at peak times. Have to wait for them to add more servers.
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Very interesting. Im glad to see im not the only one having these issues. Really hope blizzard addresses these soon its very frustating have a brand new game to play but the preformance when you start playing with friends sucks.