don't hate on D3 - just wait for hipster/cheapskate Diablo, aka Torchlight 2

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I wasn't blown away by the game. I thought it was well-made and fun, but nothing spectacular.

After a few hours w/ friends at an internet cafe, we didn't feel it was worth $60 each to play together (a grand total of $360+tax).

we searched for other online games to play, but we all had that dungeon crawler itch. I discovered Torchlight 2. The underground, non-mainstream, hipster, but-more-importantly-inexpensive Diablo 3 alternative. I'd suggest looking into it if you feel D3 didn't live up to your expectations. If you get your friends together, a 4-pack on Steam is $60 and it nets you both Torchlight 1&2.

TL;DR if you're disappointed by Diablo 3 or can't afford its $60 pricetag, get Torchlight 2 since it's $15. To those of you enjoying the game, please continue to do so. Also, I wish I had $60.

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i think youre cool.