Diablo III vs Torchlight 1

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Have any of you played both Diablo III and the first Torchlight? How do you think they compare? It might seem more fair to compare D3 with Torchlight 2, but I'm making this comparison because I want to play on Xbox, and only Torchlight 1 is available on Xbox.

I know Torchlight 1 has no multi-player and D3 does, so I'm limiting the comparison to the single-player portion of the games. I know Torchlight has a brighter appearance, with more cartoony and lighthearted artwork and voice acting, which might be a plus or minus, or just different, depending on your tastes. But what about other aspects like story, how simple or deep combat is, difficulty level, amount of strategy required, how random the dungeons are, etc? Thanks.