Chain Of Torment (skill rune system rant)

#1 Posted by patrickpp2 (5 posts) -

Is anyone else seriously disturbed on how poorly they made this skill rune and the entire skill rune system? I mean, the damage scaling is already pretty low to start with but when I found out far the radius between you and tether is before it breaks, I kind of cringed. It really serves no purpose once you start going to Hell/Inferno. I just feel not only this skill rune but many others have been poorly implemented when they had so much potential. The skill rune system is a very welcome one but with skills that don't scale very well into the higher levels of diffucult it seems people are glued onto cookie cutter builds in order to survive. Just a shame that there is so much potential in this new system but it seems developers did not take the time to balance it out.

Anyone else have their own opinions on the system?