Buy the PS3 version of D3?

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I loved Diablo 2

I loved Dungeon Siege 2

I hated Dungeon Siege 3

Should I buy Diablo 3?

If you never played D1 or 2 your opinion on D3 is worthless to me. If you never played DS1,2 and 3 you don't know what I'm talking about. Dungeon Siege 3 went completely off the rails, was nothing like 2 and totally sucked. If you are a member with 10,000 snarky but useless posts STFU and get a life.

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Well I did play Diablo since the beginning. On the PC and on Playstation(origional) Had tons of fun with it. Diablo 2 for PC and I Still play it from time to time. And i Do have Diablo 3 on PC and did play a little of it. But my poor pc can't handle it without pissing me off with lag that i stopped playing it but it seemed to be really good. As for the PS3 and Xbox360 releases. Im getting the PS3 version as it was made for the system. They just kinda let Microsoft have it. It will be more played than the PC version due to no always online and plus im pretty sure Blizzard with release the new expansion on the systems as well as the PC around the same time hopefully. As i have seen they had tweaked the gameplay a little and reworked some of the enemies to work along with the Controller as both games will play just Slightly different. Plus come on..Co-op on one TV with all your friends :) As for dungeon siege its been a long time since i played any of them to be honest. but i do know DS3 was not good at all i sold it a few days after i got it.
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Good answer, thanks. I was going to skip it but I'm sick of playing Dialo 2 and even though I have a great Alienware laptop I'm pretty sick of playing games on my computer. I'll probably pick up a used one. It used to be there were great games that you could only play on a PC but I haven't seen anything in a long time for the PC I wanted to play. I haven't played a good space adventure since Freelancer.

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I have a question... I have the pc version purchased of Diablo 3... DO i have to re purchase it for the ps3 console???? just to play it?
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unfortunatly yes. even i bought the pc version when it came out and yes truly it was dissapointing to have to rebuy it for consoles lets just say my pc could not handle it. What I can say is the Consle version is way better at this point with offline and no auction house to suck up the fun of it. . but all in all. yes you have to rebuy but consider all the differences. I can tell you for me it was worth it to play it with my wife on the same screen as well as with other friends.
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Console version gives far better drops for loot. I found only 1 legendary on the PC version. Granted I'm a casual gamer so I am not as far as others on the PC but started a demon hunter on the ps3 version and I found 10 legendary items so far and I'm on act 3 of normal difficulty. Good items drop left and right. Way better than the pc version at this point. Till the PC version gets fixed, I will stick to the console version. 

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I have a question... I have the pc version purchased of Diablo 3... DO i have to re purchase it for the ps3 console???? just to play it?sknapp1990

Yes. You will have to rebuy the game for the ps3. 

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I played D1/D2 when they were released and loved them, and although D3 isnt quite the same it's still a brilliant game which has had me hooked for a while now. When I play it I can easily think of it as just a graphics upgrade as much of the gameplay elements are still the same. And I agree with what other posters have said, the loot is much better but that is only to compensate for the lack of an auction house, Blizzard recently announced they'd be removing the auction house on PC so the PC version will have exactly the same loot system as console when reaper of souls is released come march 2014 (they're removing AH along with the update).