Cold Fear's presentation looks to offer something of innovation, but falls short on nearly every aspect of the game.

Darkwork's newest addition to their horror portfolio of games, is perhaps one of the best. They are the developers of Alone in the Dark; a very atmospheric and potentially chilling game that Cold Fear follows up to extremely well. It opens upon an incident that has occured on-board a Russian ship, you assume the role as a coastguard, sent in to resolve the crisis that has occured there. Now, in true Darkworks form, it is particulary unclear what exatcly has happened, but when you're thrown into dog-fights between enemies ranging from armed russian forces, and the undead; its best not to ask questions, but just have your gun at the ready! The graphics and gameplay at first, seem a bit too similar to that of Konami's Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and the more recent, Resident Evil 4. But if this is the game to try and copy those titles; you would not think so with further review, and you would hope not as it would be a dire attempt! The Gameplay is simple, but not at all rewarding; it feels unresponsive and you really feel you are watching a drab B-movie. Although sometimes you are awoken by a jolt by the rumble-pack, to remind you, that you are in fact playing a game. The grapics are...interesting...it looks very unique (at first) with a swaying camera to match the waves of the ocean; slowly ascending and descending. The waves look great, especially as they hit against the side of the ship. But it is a completely different matter below deck; it soon turns for the worst with boring grey walls, and not one hint at a lighting effect, anywhere! The models are simple and look extremely dated; some monsters look as if they were taken from Alone in the Dark. The sound was bland and had no real design ideas worth turning on your sound system for, the enemies seem to all be mute, and the only thing you'll hear later on, will be your own gunshots, which evensound quite boring. The game is dense with action and has followed on what little innovation Alone in the Dark had. The puzzles can keep you thinking for a few minutes, and the enemies will delay you if you cannot kill them first go; so the result is, that you will be kept for some time, from the finish of this game, a good thing if you find it to be enjoyable, which many will. All in all, a game worth a rent first, before buying!