One of the best Hack N Slashes of the PS2 era

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
Devil May Cry was a franchise introduced on the PS2 and it is a Hack N Slash Title but there is more to it than that.


You play as Dante who has travelled to this castle and is a son of Sparda who is seeking to exact revenge on a demon called Mundus responsible for the losses in his family.


It mainly plays like a typical Hack N Slash game where you do brutal combos and such but the game has depth. There is some backtracking which is nice and at times there are some clever puzzles and platforming sections. The game has a mission structure which helps so you always seem to know what your supposed to do.

As you beat up enemies you shall get souls which can be traded for abilities and stuff.These are the currency for the game. Also along the way you will find different guns which are very cool features so you can blow up enemies. The bosses in the game are nice and big and some epic scenes and some cool locations as well. You get all types of different enemies too from like Grim Reapers to spiders and such. Also you have to try and complete each mission as fast as boss to get a good rank which earns you you souls as well.

The game has flaws though it has a poor camera where you can't sometimes tell where your jumping or going to and you can't rotate the camera either and plus the game is one tough challenge and the swimming mechanics aren't that good either..


The character models look good and the characters look good as well the area is huge and there is alot to take in.


About 10 hours possibly maybe more to complete but you will play it again because it's so good.

Overall Opinion

Devil May Cry is an amazing title which adds a solid challenge,plenty of cool moves and also alot of exploration. A must have.

Overall Opinion 9.1