This game is like awesomness forged into a PS2 game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Devil May Cry (Platinum) PS2
You play as Dante, a tough, rough, awesome devil hunter. Hes a half man half devil. He has special powers and can do things like jump really high or turn into a devil. I think this game is just pure awesome.

The story is great and keeps you playing for hours and hours (but if you play on the lower difficulty then the games really short because there's only 23 missions). A woman called Trish gets Dante to come to Mallet island (the gateway into hell) where the bad guy Mundus (a devil) is preparing to take over the world.

The game play is awesome (everything in this game is awesome!).
The Devils you fight take the form of creepy things like giant Marionettes (these are very well animated and when they walk they look like real Marionettes), and lizard like things called "Blade".
The boss fights can be tough but eventually you'll beat them.
Dante, being half devil can pull off awesome combos and special jump attacks.
He does these attacks with a massive sword called "Force Edge" (you find more swords as you progress through the story).
He also has two hand made guns called Ebony and Ivory that he can fire without having to reload (you get more guns too and he doesn't have to reload them either, I suppose when he picks up something his powers make them better). There are some bonus missions that you find but some are really hard to find. Its also great how the game keeps taking you back to places you never new where important, for example you go into a room just to get a key to a locked door then 15 missions later you have to go back in because it turns out that that room is the gateway to the underworld.

The Graphics in this game are legendary for a 2001 game. Water, shadows, blood, wall texture its all perfect. The blood in particular is very well animated.
It squirts all over the place. There's also lightning and it looks excellent. The gun flashes are very very well animated, probably because half the awesomeness is the guns. The arms look a little weird though, but everything else is perfect.

The A.I. fights well and some devils are hard to bring down, especially on the higher difficulties.

The sound track is another really awesome thing about this game, some of the devils moan and it can be really creepy. Some screech. The voice acting is good but I felt like Dante had a different personality by the end of the game. The music is organ when you're wandering around and electric guitar when fighting (electric guitar music just adds to the awesomeness).

So this game is a very very very awesome. I strongly recommend it.

This is MrTakeda saying THANK YOU CAPCOM!!!