A great game with a slight saving problem....

This game would without a doubt be in my top ten games if it wern't for the fact that you can't save whenever you want. Constantly repeating the walk to find a boss and a few cut scenes made me go back to S.O.E. (State Of Emergency) for my pointless carnage. Another problem was being forced to play through the 72 hour mode before playing a true sandbox game. On a better note this game has an excellent story line and great graphics. If you don't have HD then youll either have to skip the side missions or get a migraine trying to read all the tiny writing that passes on cell phone calls. During this game you will be side tracked with mindless zombie killings which make up for alot of the other problems. Multiple weapons start off in small numbers but grow dramatically. So i would highly suggest waiting for this game to drop in price, or at least get it used and exchange it for money down on Spore (you know you want it).