A Very Rare And Different Game

Most people would think a game of dogs would be boring. There have been previous games on dugs and they sucked.
But Nintendogs offeres something dog-lovers and DS owners will enjoy. It offeres fun competitions, it offeres teaching tricks to dogs and a lot more.

The thing that is so "cool" about this is how the game design is the best yet for any dog game. You can teach your dog new tricks using the microphone. You can take your dogs to competitions, give it walks and let them talk to other dogs.

The game is very realistic. You can give your dogs baths and feed it, play with it and train it. The game is totally different from other games.

The graphics are very good.

Nintendogs is something rare. Even when the game is already superb it's got multiplayer to back it up even more. The multiplayer is exceptional, it's the best multiplayer game you'll play.

Overall, this game is worht owning.