Apart from 100 new Pokemon, a new storyline, 2 characters to choose from, a complete new world to explore, a larger variety of techniques, improved graphics and sound and much better mini-games this is no different from the original Pokemon trio of games. But all of the above is a HUGE lot, so really, this game has come along way from the original. If you havnt played the original three games (Pokemon Red, blue and yellow) then you may want to play them aswell.

This game follows the story of the Pokemon series through your characters eyes, which can be either male or femail. It has a large variety of the pokemon and allows for battling against gym leaders to earn badges aswell as dozens of other Pokemon trainers as you catch and train your pokemon to try and become a Pokemon master. You also have the ability to battle and train Pokemon with your friends, and one of the best things is that you need all three games: Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Crystal (and I think even pokemon Yellow, red and blue to get Bulbasuar, Charmander and Squirtle, altough im not sure) in order to collect all the Pokemon out there. In summary with the improvements made this game is way better then the originals and even if you hate the TV series, its still worth playing.