As far as HD collections go, Devil may cry HD Collection is average.

User Rating: 7 | Devil May Cry HD Collection PS3
These games have been around for years, they are still fun today and have a real classic theme to them. This game is great
if you want to play the first three DMC's on you PS3 or X360 but its quite an average HD game.

There are several cons that really need to be mentioned, first there is the fact that this game was not exactly "remastered in HD" more like
"Re scribbled". The only game I really saw any changes was the first DMC and the changes where small. the second DMC didn't seem to be
changed at all, the third was changed but so slightly that you would never consider it to be HD. The next big problem is that the sound on
most of the cut scenes are about five seconed's out of sync with whats going on, and the few that aren't are covered in a glaze of low resolution,
so they look even worse than they did on the original PS2 versions.
Also there are some graphics problems as well. Remember on the first DMC there was that awesome mission 19, remember the mirror dimension?
Remember that huge vortex in the sky that looked creepy and well animated. Well its gone. Now in this so called "HD" collection is is replaced by
a huge orange smear, seriously, it looks like the animators where remastering it in HD when one of them spilled paint on it by accident! Oops!
Well... its ruined. I hope no one will notice that the big vortex that looked "sick" as been replaced by a load of sick.

Another inconvenience is that the so called "bonus content" is practically empty, you can listen to some of the battle music of the games but not any of the
songs that it plays on the credits. You can look at some of the art but that gets old fast. So this content is just full of con-tent, get it? ha ha!

Anyway these problems, they can be over looked. The real big question is "what about the combat?!". Well I am happy to inform you that the
combat is as "bad" as ever. And let me tell you that when I say "bad" I don't mean "bad" as in "rubbish", I mean "bad" as in AWESOME!
Its still the same and still as awesome, although the controls have been changed on the first DMC to a more modern version, so jump is
X and attack is Triangle, but its only a minor inconvenience.
Its still fun to chop up a Marionette into splinters, its still fun to cleave a Hell in half and the bosses are just as fun as the always have been.
You will mostly want to play on DMC one and three (unless of course you are one of the few people who loved DMC two, in which case your

That said this is an average HD game and you will probably think "Capcom, you were being lazy" but at least the games combat manage
to make it playable. So the final conclusion, this game is alright but a bit disappointing if your expecting the HD to look amazing.