AWESOME!!!!! but..

User Rating: 8.5 | Devil May Cry 4 PS3
Hmm.. lemme start it by saying this..
I'm kinda dissapointmend on this 4th game for the dmc series.Why?
If you played 1-3 and really digg into the story, you'll surely miss Dante as a main char right? who doesn't.

Anyways, Nero is a good new character but he lacks combo styles.
IF you COMPARE Nero to Dante you'll find Dante has a lot of KICKASS MOVES and not to mention different oriented styles of weapons.

And i think if Nero can have different weapons the game would be so muuuuch better, just like Dante.

But Nero's Devil ARM is so kickasss!!! no doubt about that lol.

And i really hope they come out with a 5th installment, because i was hoping to know what happen to Vergil or how did he died etc.

I view DMC4 as a filler not really part of the story. BUT OVERALL
This game is so FUN!!!