Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is set before the original Devil May Cry. Its just as good as the first game.

User Rating: 9 | Devil May Cry 3 PS2
You used to be able to say "Devil May Cry? yea its just like Resident evil", you cant say that anymore, Devil May Cry has its own style now. With new moves, amazing cut scenes and super fast (and awesome) game play, DMC3: Dante's Awakening is a lot of fun.

The series tried to become different from Resident Evil with DMC2 but Capcom changed the wrong things or changed them for the worst, you don't need to worry about DMC3. As I said before, DMC3 is set before the first game so Dante's younger, and he hasn't even picked a name for his shop yet. DMC3 is about Dante trying to stop his twin brother Vergil from opening the gateway to the underworld, when a giant tower shoots out of the ground just down the street from Dante's, now destroyed, unnamed shop.

DMC3 is HARD,but not to the point where its stops you from playing, if you have any Devil May Cry experience you should make it past the second level without any problem. So be prepared to die alot, you learn the more you play (part of the difficulty is that the fighting on DMC3 is different to the original Devil may cry and requires you to keep moving and dash roll and jump everywhere). Apart from difficult boss fights (witch get less difficult the more you play) the game is just as enjoyable as the first game with an improved stylish gauge, so when it says "Dope, Crazy, Blast, Alright, Sweet, Showtime, Stylish" there's a bar underneath it which fills up, every time its full it goes from Dope to crazy then to Blast and so on. Another improvement is now you can pick your fighting style, you can select Dante's fighting style to suit you. The Styles are Trickster (lets you dodge with ease) Sword master (lets you use special sword skills) Gunslinger (lets you shoot in two directions at once) and Royal guard (lets you block attacks), you unlock two more styles as you play. You level up in the styles and gain more moves. There are Five swords and five guns, you get the swords as you beat bosses, and you find guns lying around the tower. You can upgrade the guns so they do more damage, or fire quicker. You do get more orbs then in other Devil may Cry's but upgrades and items cost more red orbs. Game play overall: 9 Or as it would say on DMC3 S

The animation in DMC3 is super duper, its hard to explain just how good the graphics are. The cut scenes look amazing, the enemies are well animated, the bosses are well animated, this game has good lighting affects, good facial animation, good animated blood, fire and sand looks great, water could have been better and in some areas things in the background look blurry.
Animation overall: for the time it was made 9

The sound track is superb, sound effects are great, the music is intense and helps set the atmosphere, the sound in this game makes you feel like you are doing horrible things to hells spawn.
One complaint, the voice acting can be ropey at times, when you use high time (when you smash the enemies into the air) Dante shouts "BLAST OFF!".
Soundtrack overall: 8.7

AI overall: 6.5 ( its just your average AI, not dumb and not smart)

Game overall: 9
A very good game, if you aren't worried about frustrations and dieing from time to time then get this game, if you struggle on Normal difficulty then there's an Easy difficulty witch is unlocked by dying a few times. Either way you will enjoy this game alot.