I'm just waiting for a sequel !!

if you're looking for a hybrid RPS/FPS shooter, then you got the right game and when you play, you'll be blown away.

Story & Presentation:

May i warn you that if you're looking for a good storytelling and amazing story then you got it all wrong. The story here doesn't make any sense at all most the time. You're being sent to investigate a planet called Pandora and you're there to do missions to earn the inhabitants' trust. Above all that, you're sent by a some unnamed girl to guide to something that looks like a wonder in that planet called the vault, which happens every 200 years.

The story may seems interesting, but believe you'll be spending hours and hours just doing missions and killing bosses though what i liked about the presentation is how they present the character in a cool and funny way. i don't know how it worked for me but it was kinda cool seeing a presented character and there is a written comment in a bracket under his name. it's just awesome how they present characters and bosses.



Game_Play & Playable Characters:

Gameplay is basically and first-person shooter with RPG elements, if you think you're good at casual shooters like halo or call of duty, then you'll find a hard time getting used to Borderland because it's full with Role-Playing elements. True, it plays like any other normal shooter but with time pass, you'll need to level up to be equally strong with the high-leveled enemies and bosses. You'll need weapons with better stats "damage,accuracy and elements (fire,lighting,acid..etc)".

In Borderland you'll be given a choice to choose one of the 4 main playable characters and each one has his/her own stats and abilities. As you level up, you gain ability points to increase and open new abilities. Some of them are for specifically for you, some for co-op mode. You will gain one special attack that helps you in your fight and it's used once in a while till the gauge is filled.

There are a lot of things to talk about in the gameplay because that's where Borderland shines. I would love to write about all those things but i'd love you to get the game and find out for yourself.


although the gameplay is amazing but there a lot of slow downs , technical issues like you can't hear someone's voice when they're talking to you. And when you play Co-op in a split screen. your buddy opens his menu and you experience a repetitive slow down every time he opens his menu or map.


Graphics & Design:

When i started playing Borderland with my little brother, the first thing that got my attention is the beautiful graphics and how big the world is. It's so big, you can go anywhere you want. You can travel from area to another and each area differs from one another. Also, there are the dungeons which are well-known in the RPG genre. It would've been better if the dungeons aren't linear. you always move forward which makes you only focusing in the mission you're doing and not collecting loots and exploring the area. The graphics is like Prince of Persia "that's what it reminded of" which i liked it very much.



Sound & Voice Acting:

Despite the story being poor, fortunately, Borderland has a great cast of character. I must say this, My hat is off to this cast. It's like in a west wild movie or something like that. For example, you get a critical hit, your characters says "CRITICAL B***H" or when you wanna get a ride, scooter "characters" screams like "CATCH A RIDE" and memorable catch-phrases like those. Even the enemies talk and taunt you like "no one shoots my friends except me!!!" and a lot of hilarious phrases.




General PROs and CONs:

+ Fast-paced shooting makes feel like a real hardcore player.
+ a lot of variety of weapons Over 100 guns and maybe a lot more.
+ great voice acting.

(-) bad story, like i said if you're looking for story then don't play borderland.
(-) slow downs and technical issues.


Overall: 8.5/10