First game is much better.

User Rating: 6 | Devil May Cry 2 PS2
The first Devil May Cry was like Resident Evil, not this one.
Almost everything has changed for the worst. This game had some very good ideas but a lot of them back fired.

On the first game Dante was a cool guy who was good at making the bad guys angry. On this he hardly ever talks... He only talks about five times in the game and when he does he says about two or three words. Plus he flips a coin to decide weather or not to take a job, but on the first game if the job concerned devils he would take it even if the reward was a free lunch at Mcdonald's.

The story isn't very good, it isn't made clear what the bad guy is trying to accomplish. In this game Trish is gone... and is replaced by Lucia, you can play as Lucia on the Lucia disk but the missions that Lucia does are so similar to Dante's that you feel like your just replaying the game with a different character. And Alastor Ifrit and Sparda are gone and are replaced by three normal swords. The Opening movie it plays before going to the main menu is very cool though, much cooler than the first game.

The game play is bad, the guns are too powerful and the swords are pathetic, so you end up shooting everything. When you use the sword you have to finish attacking before you can move out of the way, so its very hard to dodge an incoming attack. Not that you'll bother with the sword, you often lose alot of health when you get close. You can upgrade your guns so they are more powerful, but you don't buy more moves for your swords, you just make them stronger. The game has that thing where it tells you how you're doing in the top right of the screen but its so hard to get one higher than D. There aren't that many moves to use with the sword. One thing about the guns that is cool is that you can shoot in two directions at once. Whats cool about the devil mode is that it lets you fly higher (on the first game you couldn't fly higher).
The bosses are easy, the only bosses you will struggle with are the final boss and one called Tri-face. But there is one boss that is really fun to fight but I am not saying which one it is.

The graphics are very very good, better than the first game.
Dante looks much better, and his cloak looks better, but the devils design isn't as clever as the first game. The blood on this game doesn't look nearly as good as the first game. on the first game when you go through a door it does that thing where the picture goes blurry and it slowly zooms into the picture, on this game the picture turns into squares and it zooms in too fast.

The A.I isn't stupid, but it isn't smart either, its mostly the same as the first game.

The Sound in this game is terrible. The fighting music is weak and not intense (but the music on the opening movie is tense), the music that plays when you're not fighting isn't creepy. Sound effects are terrible, when Dante or Lucia walk or run it sounds really really weak. The voice acting is terrible, the guy who does the voice of Dante tries to sound cool but its obvious hes not.
Lucia is supposed to be from south America, she sounds like a woman trying to sound south American.

This game is very disappointing, its one of those games where at first it seems good, then you think its alright, then it quickly dawns on you that its no way near as good as the first game. This game was obviously released too early, if Capcom had spent more time on it, I probably would have given it 7.0.