Deus Ex is an unforgettable game, and it's my favorite PC game of all time.

User Rating: 9.7 | Deus Ex PC
Two and a half years after buying “Deus Ex”, I am playing it again for the fourth time. Nothing has, or ever will diminish my love for this spectacular game. It’s impossible to overstate what a great and unique game it is. I have never played anything like it, and I doubt I ever will again. It ranks as one of my 5 favorite video games of all time, going back to the Atari Space Invaders game. “Deus Ex” provides so much variety, so much immersiveness, so much replayability, and so much suspense that I have been spoiled, and I can never look at the first-person action genre the same again. Just about every other 3D action game NOT done by Warren Spector seems shallow and average to me now. It disappoints me to see the endless string of 10-hour linear shoot-em-ups coming out nowadays getting scoring higher than “Deus Ex” in reviews The last time that I played “Deus Ex”, I played as a stealth-oriented pacifist. I killed only four people the ENTIRE game, and those are scripted characters that you have to kill to advance the story. This time around, I am making myself a brute force, lowlife killing machine, killing everybody. The game is a vastly different experience. This should give you a sense for what an outstanding role-playing game “Deus Ex” is. The various skills and tech upgrades that you can give yourself give the game tons of variety. You play how you want, and the game adjusts to you, almost like an invisible hand. This is also due, in large part, to “Deus Ex”’s ingenious level design, which will probably never be matched. “Deus Ex” has other great marks of a great RPG, like being able to read books and newspapers that aren’t necessary to finish the game, but establish the setting. As you play through the game, you encounter a lot of different conspiracy theories, which gives the futuristic world a bleak, uneasy feel. This is the deepest and smartest cyberpunk/corporate conspiracy to rule the world game that I have ever played. The game’s dialog is very satisfying, and in many cases, thought-provoking. The game explores basic philosophical questions about the roles of governments and technology should be in our lives. For example, there is one point where you can briefly debate with an Artificial Intelligence about whether mankind is better off with Democratic institutions, or with an omniscient AI ruling the world. “Deus Ex” is also a great stealth game. It doesn’t quite equal Thief in that department, but it doesn’t have to. Stealth makes a great tool, but the need to use it never gets frustrating. Tranquilizer darts, an electric prod, and a sniper rifle are some of the tools that you can use to sneakily and silently take out opponents. The use of sound and cover is crucial for staying hidden. “Deus Ex” rivals “Thief” and “System Shock 2” when it comes to the use of stealth. Nobody has done it better than these games since then. “Deus Ex” is great at both stealth and action, a very rare feat. Most games can be good at one, but stink at the other. “Deus Ex” is a great action game too. Each weapon has a distinctive look and sound to it. Every type of ammunition looks completely different. The game’s more powerful weapons – the rocket launcher, assault shotgun, and assault rifle, all give you that satisfying feel that you get from blowing stuff up and mowing down bad guys. As with stealth, you can use skills and augmentations to beef up your brute force combat abilities. I totally disagree that the game’s graphics are average. They look great, not because of polygon counts or and of that technocrap that nobody really cares about, but because of interesting design and artwork. When bombs explode, they don’t just explode – they emit a blast wave that destroys everything nearby. Different areas and settings look like they should. You go into corporations, labs, fortresses, and night clubs, to name a few. And no review would be complete without mentioning this game’s awesome theme and ambient music. I love loading up the game so that I can hear the theme music. I have a handful of MP3’s from the soundtrack that I love listening to outside of the game. In the game, they make some of the locations unforgettable. The only faults that I found in the game were questionable AI for guards (the guards give up searching for you too easily, and forget you were ever there), and some really bad voice acting. Foreign accents, in particular, are overexaggerated and sound awful. I normally agree with Greg Kasavin’s reviews, but not here. 8.2 is too darn low, especially when you see so many less satisfying action games (e.g. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Max Payne) scoring in the 9’s. Deus Ex is a legendary game that every gamer must play.