User Rating: 9.3 | Deus Ex PC
Rating this game by it graphics, is missing the point. I will from one point illustrate why this is one of the greatest achievements in gaming history. My and friend and me both bought the game at the same time and were roughly progressing through it at the same rate. What was so sool cool was the lunchtimes !!!!! Each lunchtime we would talk about Deus Ex and found out for every each and every mission we did we had a completely different way of doing the missions. Furthermore the way we completed them reflected a bit of ourselves. I generally solved my mission via stealth, avoiding direct confrontation, whenever I could and using fast overpowering force whenever cornered, or necessary. My friend however preferred the gung-ho approach of blasting everything in sight and his agent was customised into the ultimate killing machine. Every lunchtime was a different set of conversations about how versatile Deus Ex was, 'I didn't realise that' or 'Can you do that ?' or 'Why didn't I think of that ?'. Why should Deus Ex be worthy of your consideration, ask yourself a question; How many games do you know allow you the freedom to solve the games challenges the way YOU would ? That's how unique Deus Ex was.