Deus Ex is a brilliant RPG/FPS hybrid that has great action and one of the best stories in videogame history

User Rating: 8.2 | Deus Ex PC
Story--You are a augmented agent named JC Denton working with a counter terrorist organisation called UNATCO, who is trying to stop the terrorist organisation called the NSF, from spreading a plague called The Gray Death around the world

Graphics:Pros-Some environments like the Hong Kong level look fantastic,weapons look nice,objects around the world look realistic
Cons-Some environments like UNATCO Island look a bit too bland,character models lack detail

Sound:Pros-Great music,weapon sounds are great,some voice acting is great
Cons-Soundtrack is a bit too short,Foreign voice acting sounds bad

Game Play:Pros-Nice mix of exploration FPS fights and RPG elements
Cons-Combat can feel a bit sluggish at times

Replay Value-The game is long and should take people anywhere from 15-20 hours to complete which also includes the side quests but then you can play again as a totally different character and choose different responses to the NPCS which adds a whole lot of extra value

Overall-Its a great FPS/RPG hybrid that keeps you entertained throughout thanks to its brilliant story and satisfying combat