Possibly the greatest PC game of all time. (in my opinion at least)

User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex PC
Deus Ex has to be my number one favourite game of all time, maybe even more than Metal Gear Solid 2. Nothing can match DX in terms of totally open ended gameplay and excellent plot as well.

In DX you play as JC Denton, a Member of UNATCO, secret Police force operating in New York. Now this is JC's first day so he's still a rookie cop, so make sure you guide him carefully through this dangerous and seedy world where nothing is absolutely certain, or safe for that matter.

Gameplay: The gameplay is no doubt the very best part of DX. There is never just one way to complete a certain goal, usually there is about five or six to be honest. Do you want do run and gun your way through a mission blasting bad dudes left and right? Or do you wish to be surgical and sneaky whle carefully hacking computer systems as you go? The choice is all yours my friends, just don't ruin it with a walkthrough. The combat is your standard FPS fare with a good amount of guns and hand to hand weapons to murder your various victims with. But since your a Police officer, you've got some handy non-lethal weapons too like a stun prod and mace.

Graphics: For 200, the graphics hold up quite well and do a very good job distinguishing what kind of environment you are in. If your prowling the streets of Hells Kitchen, you'll see plenty of Bums, Pimps, Beer cans, and many other ghetto things. The character models are fairly good though a lack of ragdoll physics makes death animations look pretty bad.

Sound: I always remember the awsome openeing theme song to DX. That cool techno vibe that plays at the menu screen. Not only do you get to hear that, but the rest of the soundtrack is just as good. Many of the voices are of good quality as well and all the guns sound quite good as well.

I can't stress enough how much I simply love this game. DX is just a friggin masterpiece that should be missed by absolutely no one.