Something is going on within an organization you are working for can you figure it out before something bad happens?

User Rating: 7.8 | Deus Ex PS2
Normally I would try and write a long review but I decided since this game is so unusual and hard to classify. I would just go with an explanation of my experience with this game.

I got this game just because it looked like a first person shooter. However after reading the manual and playing the first level I knew it was more. Your character has alot to deal with and how you handle each situation has an impact on you at some point in the game.

For example you are giving the chance to see the inside of a female restroom. Now in most games this would be nothing but in Deus Ex you encounter a NPC female who has some choice words for you. Again no surprise and you would think this is it. But no later on your boss makes a few comments about your foray in to the female restroom.

You have to plan and becareful how you handle some levels too as your actions could cost you in later levels.

The story that controls the action of the game is of movie quality and will have you wanting to know more. Sadly no follow on game has followed the PS2 version but hopefully there is one out there somewhere.

I would add this game to your collection just for its uniqueness if nothing else.