it's deus ex! on ps2!

User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex PS2
it's so orgasmic - the best pc game ever, ported to ps2. and it's a damn good port too! so why didn't it become a hit? i guess because either everyone who wanted to play deus ex had already done it on pc, or because deus ex is too hardcore for console gamers, or because the timing wasn't right for some reason. either way it's a shame. i haven't seen deus ex in any tops of the best ps2 games and that is the biggest crime in videogames history ever.

i'm loving the fact that this port is different from the pc version because i've replayed the pc version 3 times and wouldn't want to replay the exact same thing once again so soon. the completely redone inventory is just perfect for gamepad. the updated character models, animations and new textures are nice. but what i love the most is that they have changed the level design here and there and everywhere and it's exciting not knowing what and how will be changed before you see it. of course the downside is that levels are split in sections with loading times but they aren't long at all and it doesn't spoil the deus ex experience.

i love how it looks visually as well - it looks somewhere in between the original pc version and the pc version with the high definition texture pack. of course the resolution is much smaller than on pc but who cares.

and finally i love that the shooting mechanics are simpler, you can easily make headshots from the very beginning of the game if you like. that makes the game less hardcore. actually it is less hardcore than the pc version in more than one or two areas but again, it is only for the better. it would be pain to play the pc version with a gamepad.

deus ex - the most sexually arousing game ever, now available on ps2. laife is goood.