A great shooter, with a few minor problems.

We all know about Halo at this point. If you love it, you hate it, or don't even care about it. You must know that it a BIG seller and a mainstay on XBL. Halo 3 takes what Halo 2 did and just...Made it better, a lot better. The single player in H3 is on par with that of the first game. It's amazing. The first time playing it was some of the most fun I've had with a game playing alone. It's simply that good. You only play as the Master Chief this time around ( The Arbiter is a tag-a-long ) and you pretty much do what you come to expect in a Halo game. You're goal is to "Finish the fight" and I don't really think I need to get more into the single player. It really speaks for itself and if you have played the other games or any other FPS, you know what you're getting...Halo 3 just does it better.

The Multi-Player is nothing short of amazing. It's not for everyone, some people don't like how "Fake" the game is. Halo 3 has a good number of maps ( Sorry I don't know the exact number off the top of my head, I THINK it's around 12 ) you play the normal gametypes here. Slayer ( Deathmatch ) CFT, Assault and Territories. All simple and easy to get into...The Matchmaking system in H3 is the best in any online game I have played. There's Ranked and Social ( You may know Social as "Player Matches ) Ranked games keep track of Skill and EXP, you need both of them to rank up. Social will give you EXP, but does not track skill. Halo 3 has EVERY weapon in the series, and you never really find yourself with "Nothing" there's always some weapon to pick up, and most times you start with what most people say is the best gun in the game ( The Battle Rifle ) Halo 3 does have it flaws...The Melee system is just bad, it's not simply first hit wins, if you and your enemy "hit" each other close to the same time, you just both simply die, and that's just poor...The Ranking system can sometime put you with people simply too good for you and leaves you to just thrashed. People now use "Second accounts" So you will have people that are level 50 ( The highest ) playing as a level 30-40 playing with people really in the skill range, and that takes the fun away from the game. Also you will find that if you play groups of people that play together a lot, and your team is full of people you have never played with before, you will lose 9 times out of 10. It's just how it is. The game has a few glitches in it, but what game doesn't?

Overall, if you have a 360 and you enjoy FPS games, at least TRY H3, and if you liked H:CE or H2, just go out and buy this game now