Nothing new, no stunning features, but plenty of shooting.

The Club is not that bad of a game.....a decent storyline, pretty good graphics i guess, and an addictive shoot-em-up.
It is missing something though....maybe they could have added melee weapons, some cool moves like jumping over a fence or sliding, or maybe a better camera view, but its not too bad. I would recommend renting it first, because it is definitely more of a love or hate game: you really have to be into shooting games. It includes many repetitive levels, for example, just mowing down everyone in your path. And you would really have to be a big fan of the shooting genre to enjoy this.
However, the points are fun, and will make you want to try again and again to beat it.
But its not too bad. Just compared to the rest of the games coming out or already out, its kind of overlooked.