More of the same solid gameplay.

I've always been a huge PGA Tour fan in real life and going back some 20 years playing PGA Tour golf on the Sega Genesis. Then they added Tiger Woods name to the game and since 2002 it has definetly been the single best golf game out there.

Tiger Woods 12 adds the masters and with it of course Augusta, I loved this new addition as it has been long overdue, but in all honesty I feel it may be a little too over emphasized. I mean replaying Tiger's moments at the masters is fun and all but a little repetitive after a few rounds, plus your playing the course throughout your season and so on. Another thing that should be mentioned is the caddy, he is a great addition to the game but needs to be OP'TIONAL, come on EA next year either give us the option to turn him off or don't include him at all.

I also thought it was a little low of EA to include courses throughout the season you have to buy, I mean I understand DLC but they're kinda forcing you into buying them when it should be optional and I thought that was kinda low.

Can't really say much about the gameplay as it really hasn't changed, although it does seem to be a little strange at times. Having to aim short of the hole for a putt that's 10 inches uphill at times doesn't make alot of sense but whatever. I still enjoy the series but I would like to see a major overhaul to be honest or bring it back to the style of 04 and 05 when I feel it was at it's best! Oh and PS bring back Black Rock Cove!!