User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex PS2
Deus Ex is without a doubt one of the best games ever made and in my opinion it is tied with 2 other games as the BEST GAME EVER MADE period. Whether its the deep and fun exploration based rpg level and skill progression, never ending upgradable weapons and abilities, the amazingly complex, customizable and awesome story, the neverending barrage of completely badass locations, etc there's so much more to praise about this game! Another cool thing about this game is that's basically one big sidequest with new options, paths, storys, and paths opening up every couple of minutes; so depending on how much you like the game you can easily add hours of great gameplay experience and its totally up to you! I can proudly say that ive uncovered and discovered every aspect of this game and i couldnt just get enough. It was probably the most enjoyment ive ever gotten out of a game. When i was done with the 3 endings of the game i was left begging more. I mean i put a little more than 50 hours into the game within a 2 week period max and it flew by like it was 5 minutes!